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How To Book Sales Meetings With High-Budget Decision Makers For $30 or lessAnd Secure Deals That Pay $5,000+ Per Month…

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this presentation, I’ll quickly show you some proof, just so you know that I actually did this in real life. I’ll show you real people with real results.


Figure 1: Corebits (B2B Lead Generation and Growth Consulting) Revenue in 2022.​

Figure 2: Corebits (B2B Lead Generation and Growth Consulting) Revenue Growth From 2022 to 2023​

Figure 3: Corebits P/L Statements

Figure 4: The metrics below shows $5.3M in Sales Pipeline generated between August 2023 to November 2023 using cold emails to key decision makers.​

Figure 5: The chart below shows the result from just 2 weeks of SMS prospecting which generated $300,0000 in opportunities for our client in 2 weeks.

Figure 6: The calendar below shows 13 qualified sales meetings booked in 3rd week of December 2023, near holidays for Christmas and New Year.

This is for you :

This is NOT for you IF :

  • Prospects are tired of being harassed with high-pressure sales pitches. They’re tired of the crappy cold DMs, cold calls, bad emails, and high pressure sales calls disguised as “strategy sessions.” Clients are now swimming upstream, meaning they want to make their own buying decisions on their timeline for their reasons.


  • The job of marketing is to build awareness and attract leads. Yet most of the high-ticket industry tries to use the phone as a marketing tool. It’s challenging to go from awareness to $10,000 sale in the first 60 mins of talking to someone, yet this is the sales process for many businesses.


  • Lean and hyper-profitable is the new sexy. Online businesses that are winning big are leveraging technology + remote teams to make millions a year less employees, cost effective ads and simple funnels.

But before that,

Here’s the ultimate truth :

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Unlocking Transformational Potential Elevate Your Business to New Heights.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, the need for transformation and adaptation is more
critical than ever. To stay competitive and relevant, businesses must continually reinvent themselves, embrace
innovation, and explore new opportunities.

Our team of seasoned experts is here to guide you on this transformative journey, enabling you to unlock your
business’s full potential and achieve remarkable success

Comprehensive Analysis

Emphasize your commitment to putting clients first.

Collaborative Partnership

Emphasize your commitment to putting clients first.

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

Vice President of Rook Digital (full service agency specializing in SEO) generated over $765 MILLION in revenue for their clients like Hulu.


CEO of Brainstorming marketing agency working with 150 clients as of 2023


Darryl Stevens, Founder at Digitech Austin, helping Addiction Treatment centers with SEO. (Multi 7 figure agency owner)

  • Kim Grennan, Founder of Axle Eight (Multi 7 figure agency owner).

  • JEN – ATHENA DIGITAL (Multi 7 figure agency owner).

Brett Miller, Marketing Strategist at HoopJumper helping financial industry with content.


Kim Grennan

CEO and Founder at Axle Eight

As Seen on Bloomberg, Business Insider and FOX


Brett Miller

Founder/Marketing Strategist at HoopJumper


Darryl Stevens

CEO at Digitech Austin

As Seen on Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

45+ Marketing Agencies helped and 1000s of sales meetings generated

What’s the secret behind these results?

The synced client acquisition model helps pack your calendar with 5 -10 meetings with hot leads every week like clockwork…

Without you doing anything at all.

This model is a product developed from months of testing to pick out what works and trying multiple times to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it works…

And it ensures…

The best part is you don’t have to worry about how all this will happen.

All the work will be done by a team of experts who have done it for 37+ agencies, consultants, and B2B businesses across different niches.

The team consists of…

Imagine how good you’ll be at something if you’ve done it and got results 37+ times.

What’s more?

You also get support on how you go about closing these leads with ease…


So what’s the way out?

The new way is finding industries with deep pain points where you can offer your services at a high fee and solve their deepest problems.

How can I do this, you may ask?

Apply the Variables of Picking RIGHT Markets which means, the market should tick all these boxes:

  • DEEP & URGENT PAINS - Your prospects must have a pain that they are desperately looking to solve
  • LARGE MARKET SIZE (Large Total Addressable Market)
  1. Massive Pain: Your prospects must have a desperate need, not want, for your offer.
  2. Purchasing Power: Your prospects can easily afford or access the money needed to buy.
  3. Easy to Target: Your audience should be in easy-to-target markets.
  4. Growing: The market should be growing to make things move faster.
  5. T.A.M = The total addressable market in the US should be over 50,000 businesses.

Important Note: If you already have a niche that you are targeting or want to target then you need to find sophisticated buyers in that niche.


The new way is having a service that is unique and superior to what others are offering to your niche. It should solve a major problem for your niche and take them from Point A to Point B in the least amount of time and with minimal effort.

In other words, You need to create a bridge between your prospect's undesired current situation and their desired situation and map out exactly how your service can help them achieve this.

How can I do this, you may ask?

Apply the Value Equation on your offer and see where it stands, then improve your service and offer, and increase your prices

100s of agencies have used the value equation to create an irresistible offer.


  • SEO For Addiction Treatment Centres doing $10M + Year to help them get more patients.
  • For Wealth Management companies: 60 Pieces of Content in 60 minutes of your time per month to get inbound high profile leads.
  • Local Lead Generation for Home Service Businesses without Paid Advertising or Knocking on Doors to get more calls.
  • Custom AI-Trained Chat Support for B2B SAAS Companies to save 40% from your payroll.
  • Financial Advisors: Add an extra 7 high net worth clients per year.



The old way is copying what others are doing in the same space OR selling based on your passion rather rather than utility and efficiency. 

It makes the prospects perceive your service as a commodity - because you’re just like one of the other hundreds trying to sell them stuff… 

And you can't scale because there’s too much operational drag when you’re selling in a saturated market with 100s of others offering the same service as you. 

Even when you manage to get some clients - they turn out to be low-quality ones - expecting unreasonable results for 1/10th the price leaving you slim profit margins. 

And it is near impossible to raise your current rates with existing clients - since you’ve already bought them in at a certain price. Secondly - they’ll leave you and shop for a cheaper option because of the current U.S. economy.

To cut it short, you’ll be banging your head against the wall.


Book Qualified Sales Meetings using Outbound Prospecting and a Remote Sales Team

What’s the way out?

Use a combination of hyper-targeted outbound prospecting and 1 Sales Rep to line up qualified sales meetings in your calendar.

The SDR (sales development representative) will mine contact data of your exact targeted prospects and reach out up to 26,300 prospects per month via SMS, cold emails and linkedin prospecting.

Put filters like the following on the lead generation platforms:

Owner, Founder, CEO, Co-Founder of SaaS Companies doing $1M per year + revenue with 5+ employees, location US only

Exclude Director of Sales/Marketing or any managerial position data and don’t include companies doing over $50M.

Traffic Channels for Outbound Prospecting:

Reach out to high-budget decision-makers via multiple channels in your niche by sending them personalized messages using the principles of Foundational Copywriting.

  • SMS Outreach
  • Cold Email Outreach
  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • Cold Calling (Prospects are extremely receptive these days so we don't use it)

Using personalised messages and a dedicated sales rep to line up meetings in your calendar.

Then use a dedicated sales rep to line up meetings in your calendar.

Traffic Channels for Paid Ads:

  • Facebook Ads (Facebook + Instagram)
  • Youtube Ads
  • Google search Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads (Very high Costs so we don't waste our money here)


  • Remote Sales Reps
  • Automated Funnels (End to End Sales Funnel)
  • Remote High Ticket Closers (Optional not needed if you have inside sales team)


There is only so much details I can provide in this one presentation, usually it takes weeks to train someone to be good at sales, but I’ll try my best to put it in this section.

The easiest thing you can do is to have a commission based closer who has closed high ticket deals, its always better to have someone who’s already good at sales rather than having someone with 0 experience or knowledge.

I’ve trained multiple remotes sales teams and managed entire sales departments for many agencies, so what you will hear/read is what actually works in the real world and not just data from some stupid sales book or psychology training.

Approaching your sales call with the mindset of actually helping the customer is extremely powerful. It sounds obvious, but sometimes this simple fact is forgotten by salespeople.

You have to go in as an expert surgeon who is there to diagnose a problem, and fully remove the outcome from your mind.

You have to understand one thing very clearly, even if your service is 100% guaranteed to solve their problem, if the prospect doesnt fully believe and understand it, they will never buy

I won’t sugar coat this one thing, it will take a few calls for you to get in the flow of selling more easily, so get slapped around a bit and focus on the inputs not the outputs.

But I can promise you that once you get over that few calls, you will get in a flow of closing deals easily, you will just see yourself repeating the same things again and you’ll understand certain switches that when triggered gets the prospect over the finish line.

Now what makes the prospect buy and pay you tens of thousands of dollar for an online service?

The prospect has to fully buy in to the sales argument before ever giving you their money.

  1. The prospect should fully trust the offer/service that it is the only option that can help them achieve their dream outcome.
  2. The prospect should like and trust your agency/business.
  3. The prospect should like and trust the sales rep/closer “YOU”

Let’s start with the basics, the first thing is building tons of trust and rapport before the call even happens. 

You do it through long form sales letter, video sales letter, email nurturing sequences with your SL and VSL transposed in it, case studies, testimonials and you make sure the prospect watches atleast one or two of the videos before getting on phone with you or your sales team

Let’s dive into the actual sales call:

First thing you can do is go ahead and read the Sales Call Template and adjust it based on your agency. 

Now the way you structure the sales call is extremely important, it should start with not just building RAPPORT but having STATUS DELTA.

Status delta simply means you take control of the conversation from the get go which makes the prospect go “Whoah, I am in the presence of a professional and I am here for a ride”

How do you get Status Delta? 

It’s through Capital, Status, Physical Presentation, Clothing, Physical Shape, Grooming and Office/Workspace. This all might sound like vanity metrics, but that’s what works. Your tone also matters alot

Then once you have your status delta then 80% of the call will be spent on finding their deepest pain points and dream outcome and using your service as a bridge that will help them achieve their goal

Option 1 :

However, you’ll have to go through a long learning curve because it requires specialized knowledge. And you’ll waste time and thousands of dollars experimenting and failing before you crack the code. So it might take you at least 12 months to get any traction. (Even there’s no assurance of you getting results)

Option 2 :

You can hire an agency, but you won’t get the results you want, i’ll take 4-6 months to get ramped up, and they will charge you at least $8,000 to $10,000 per month and it will be a total waste of time.

Option 3 :

You can hire a Coach or Consultant, but 99% are a waste of time and money, you will be sitting on calls asking questions and they’d tell you go try this and that, you’ll waste at least $10,000 to $15,000 and even more on softwares and ads, and it will be a total waste of time.

Option 4 :

You can hire sales people, but the truth is any good sales guy/gal worth his/her salt is already rich and not looking for a job, you will waste a minimum of $50,000 – $60,000 in salaries, you’re gonna put your energy in recruiting, hiring and waste almost a year.

This isn’t for marketing agencies, consultants, or coaches…

Here are some case studies :

Axle Eight saw a 500% increase in sales qualified leads

Gino Fracchiolla added $80,000 in monthly revenue revenue

Growth Foundry is getting the high quality sales calls from Facebook Ads funnel

Darryl Stevens is getting sales meetings with his ideal clients from SMS

Brett Miller is talking to multi billion dollar investment firms through Cold Email

Dave Myers is working with more local home service businesses using outbound propsecting

E1 :

Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

You will be able to generate qualified leads at rates you’ve never seen before.

You will charge higher prices and work with better clients.

You will position your service as the only viable solution in front of prospects.

You will be able to close at 20-30%

You will be able to convert strangers into buyers using copywriting

You can finally get rid of your that no nothing lead generation agency

You will feel empowered and build authority.

F1 :

“So how does it work?

Before, when you wanted to work with better clients, you would go and aimlessly test multiple niches and see which one works. But now with Corebits we’ll work with you and find the best niches with deep pain points that compliments your service without wasting time and aimlessly targeting multiple niches. Do you see how easy that is?

Yes the guarantee is 10 or more sales meetings per month if we follow the action plan to the T.

It will work in most B2B niches where you are selling a service over $2,000 or more per month.

We’ll make sure that we have a defined niche and ideal client profile who we want to target. Then once we are building the lead list we need to make sure we don’t add in anyone who doesn’t fit in on our ideal client persona.

We are not an appointment setting agency, we are a 100% Done-For-You Growth Consulting agency where we build out your complete sales funnel and manage it for you so you get qualified sales meetings.

If you dont start getting qualified sales meetings in 60-90 days, we give you a 100% refund of our fees, considering everything was done according to the agreement.

Have a look at the case studies, testimonials and reviews page here.

Most of the costs involved are explained in this document, you’ll essentialy be spending for the software costs, sales rep’s salary and our service fee. Unlike most agencies, you will own your lead generation system from the get go.

We will place a trained remote sales rep in your agency to manage all the outbound and paid systems, it’s included in our service fee and you dont pay any placement fee for that.

To hire commission only sales reps, account executives/closers we need to see your calendars being filled with sales meetings then we can place more A Players in your agency.

You start seeing results within the first 30-60 days, we build our complete sales funnel and start getting you qualified sales meetings in as little time as possible. Some niches are different then the others and it might take a few rounds to get the right messaging that converts strangers into buyers.

We measure a lot of metrics to make sure everything is working smoothly, but the key metrics are numbers of sales meetings booked, clients closed and revenue generated.


The other metrics we measure are Appointment Booking Rate, Show up Rate, Closing Rate, Positive reply rate, Lead Rate, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Call, Cost per Acquisiton and some more.

We work with you to determine a niche or help you narrow down on the current niche you are targeting. The niche is extremely important since the returns on your efforts are directly proportional to the value that your create for your customers. This means that if you pick a good niche and create a high value and captures that value through a high-margin mechanism, you can charge a higher fee and be paid more.

This is only for agencies based in the US. It will also work if your targeted niche is purely US based and you have good case studies from the US.

It takes us 3 weeks to build out the complete sales funnel that gets results FAST.

The first few steps do require some effort, but since it’s Done-For-You, we do most of the heavy lifting for you. We need your support in the first 3 steps of our process where its really important that the key decision makers are involved.

If you decide to manage it on your own, we’ll do 1-1 consultations to provide you with full support, along with an easy to follow video library that walks you through each step of the process.

You’ll have a full documented process on how to manage the systems on your own, should you wish to do it at the end of the agreement.

Yes, if you run a 100% remote agency, it will work for you just as if you had a big office. We’ve had many agencies who are 100% remote.

BUT we need to see 4 or more team members in your agency to see if its a good fit for us to take you on. We don’t work with boutique Agencies, freelancers, 1 man agencies or contractors.

By solving product market fit as described in the presentation. 

We help you charge premium prices by making your service and offer is perceived as better, faster and easier for your ideal prospects to achieve their dream outcome.

Click the button to book a call and get answers from a real human.

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